Analysis & Design of Algorithms

Q.3: Find the optimal binary merge tree (pattern) for ten files whose length are. 28, 32, 12,5,84,53,91, 35, 3 and 11 also find its weighted external path length.

For obtaining optimal binary merge pattern merge two smallest size files at each step
Figure shows a binary image pattern representing the optimal merge pattern obtained for the above 10 files

optimal binary merge tree 28, 32, 12,5,84,53,91, 35, 3 and 11
Weighted external path length
Where di = distance from the route to the external node
Qi = the length of Xi
Here n = 10
Therefore ∑diqi=d1q1+d2q2+….+d10q10

=(4x28) + (3x32)+(5x12)+(7x5)+(2x84)+(3x53)+(2x91)+(3x35)+(7x3)+(6x11)


=1004 (Answer)

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