Q.10: Tabulate the difference between Kruskal's and Prism's algorithm. - Q.11: Using Dijkstra's algorithm, find out the shortest distance from the source vertex 's' to the rest of the vertices in the given graph. Also write the order in which all the vertices of the graph are visited. - Q.12: Write short notes on: Master's Theorem - Q.13: Write short notes on: Tractable and Non-Tractable problem - Q.14: Write short notes on: Closest - Pair problem - Q.15: Write short notes on: Perfect matching in bipartite graphs. - Q.16: Write the procedure of Merge sort and sort the given array of 8 elements using merge sort 35, 10,7,22, 5, 13, 16, 3. - Q.17: What are the factors which affect the running time of an algorithm? - Q.18: Show how the following matrices would be multiplied using Strassen's algorithm? -