Data Mining

Q.5 Define single-dimensional and Boolean association rules

If the items or attributes in an association rule reference only one dimension, then it is a single-dimensional association rule.
For example, the rule
computer => antivirus_software [support = 2%, confidence = 60% could be written as
buys(X, "computer”) = buys(X, “antivirus software")

If a rule references two or more dimensions, such as the dimensions age, income and buys, then it is a multidimensional association rule. The following rule is an example of a multidimensional rule –
age(X, “30...39") ^ income(X, “42K...48K”) = buys(X, “high resolution TV”)

If a rule involves associations between the presence or absence of items, it is a Boolean association rule. For example,
buys(X, “laptop computer”) = buys(X, “HP_printer”)

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