Q.1 What are manometers ? How are they classified ? RGPV MAY 2018 Q.2 Differentiate between the piezometer and pressure gauge. RGPV MAY 2018 Q.3 A tank contains water upto a height of 0.5 m above base. An immiscible liquid of sp. gr. 0.8 is filled on top of water upto height 1 m. Calculate RGPV MAY 2018 Q.4 Write about flow net and its applications. RGPV MAY 2018 Q.5 what do you mean by dimensionless numbers? Name any four dimensionless numbers. RGPV MAY 2018 Q. 6 Explain about velocity potential and stream function. RGPV MAY 2018 Q. 7 Write short notes on -(i) Path line (ii) streak line (iii) stream lines and stream tube RGPV MAY 2018 Q.8 A cubical tank has sides of 1.5 m. It contains water for the lower 0.6 m depth. The upper remaining part is filled with oil of specific gravity 0.9. Calculate for one vertical side of the tank : (a) total pressure, and (b) position of centre of pressure.